Zanetto @ I-Made - Saatchi Gallery, London Design Festival 2019


Zanetto among the Italian design brands selected by I-Made. 

London Design Festival 2019. In this year edition is taking place the first exhibition solely dedicated to Italian design. I-MADE will highlight exceptional design, quality and inspiration from Italy. Housed in Chelsea’s iconic Saatchi Gallery, the exhibition will not only present Italian innovation and craftsmanship but draw on the passion and traditions of iconic Italian brands and designers.

For this exceptional occasion, we decided to overcome ourselves and to astonish you with an Italian artist collaboration. We will present, indeed, an art installation showing off not only our well known craftsmanship abilities but it will also take you to a new creative dimension... 



The Arca project by Enrico Zanetto and Alessandro Rinaldi is a common and poetic dream of beauty that came to life thanks to the challenge captured by the best metal artisans working at the historic and prestigious Zanetto laboratory. The idea at the center of the project is that of the airship. Symbol of insane madness. The last dinosaur at the gates of a new era of modernity. A bridge between eras and worlds. An expression of art, design and craftsmanship. Something huge and graceful, just like a dream. A dream of beauty.

Discover the creations


Open Light – Large Home Décor Airship


Secret Scent – Big Home Décor Airship

Two creative minds, all the skills of the twelve Zanetto craftsmen and more than 200 hours were spent on the Arca Project.

The project is the result of a collaboration with...



“Babele” – Text by B. Bertuzzi, Palazzo Samona’,

Banca D’Italia, Padova 2004

“Waking life” – Text by G. Dadati, A. Benedetti, M. Silvestrin, B. Bertuzzi,

Nuovo spazio, Arte contemporanea, Piacenza – 2007

 “Ergo” – Text by M. Reiter, M. Mancassola, M. Signorini, Tacheles,

Berlin – 2009

54° Biennale di Venezia – Lo stato dell’Arte. Regioni d’Italia. A cura di V. Sgarbi,

Skira, Ginevra-Milan 2011;


Alessandro Rinaldi lives and works in Padua.

He graduated from the Art School of Padua, and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he graduated as a master of art.

During the years of his training he experimented with painting, graphics and photography, he collaborated with institutions as an illustrator; with foundations for the theater as a set designer, alternating teaching of artistic subjects at private institutions and cultural associations.

He exhibited his works in Italian and foreign galleries, participating also in national and foreign art exhibitions and fairs.

His work evolves through the continuous search for materials and supports.

In order to give voice to his themes, he experiments with different techniques, leaving himself to be contaminated also by the sectors of the industrial world.

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