The new collection "56" - Awesome objects in copper by Zanetto


Open to different materials other than silver, Zanetto has started to study innovative noble metals working methods.

Processes that, moreover, are born to make unique and inimitable noble metals that in our imagination present a well-defined color and shape, that sometimes seem unchangeable.

These are the assumptions from which the new collection "56" by Zanetto was born. A collection that brings with it a priceless baggage of research into copper processing and its adaptability to those that are the sinuous and elegant forms of Zanetto design.

Our handicraft laboratory has decided to work the Copper Objects, the first metal used by man that, today, is not at all out of fashion, on the contrary, it is almost always present in our homes in the most disparate forms. In addition, its value in the last 10 years has grown of 300%.

With the collection "56" we decided to give a new face to this ancient metal, as you've never seen it before.

"Snello" Vase, for example, takes its name from a slim design.

This exquisite vase features a cylindrical shape and an eye-catching motif created by the combination of copper and burnished varnish.

A glamorous and refined touch that will give every interior a sparkling charm.

Not only geometric processes, but also surface ones have been implemented.

The latters are perhaps the most difficult ones. Unique in the world is in fact the contrast between the inside and the surface of our objects in the collection ‘56’.

The super shiny internal polishing that represents the purity of the noble metals selected by Zanetto is externally overwhelmed by an artistic masterpiece.

The red gold inside, the burnished outside; a play of colors that leads all the curious to get closer to the object, stick out their face inside and stop, staring at that light.

We can therefore admire the ‘56’ Bowl, a copper object that represent an example of impeccable mastery, a superb cup and a versatile furnishing accessory made entirely by hand in copper.

It is precisely about art that we like to talk about. Art applied to manual skills. Where the hammering gives a texture with a modern style, unusual for metals, impossible to replicate with machines. It’s Zanetto's art that gives that inexplicable color to copper.

A special procedure that is the result of studies, research and knowledge.

A procedure that not only confers aesthetic beauty, but also functionality.

This is how we are used to do in Zanetto. We always try to combine function with beauty.

The burnishing, in fact, allows our copper objects to never turnish.

The burnishing also allows you to clean your objects with a cloth, without the fear of ruining or staining your one-of-a-kind piece.

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