Shipping Free above 150 €


Shipping Free above 150 €

The workmanship, the textures, the materials and the experience behind the Zanetto craft products.

Each product that can be purchased in our online shop is made in the Zanetto craft workshop. 

In fact, ours is not a mass production but a craft production. Every single product, therefore, is made by hand, exactly like a tailored suit: tailor-made for you.


The Zanetto artisans, with an experience of more than 50 years, have the ability to work metals that are very different in terms of characteristics and thicknesses.

There are few companies able to master the techniques and to organize production so as to offer their customers the same product in different metals.

Our know-how distinguishes us on the market and is a clear sign of the profound knowledge and skills of our artisans.


In the Zanetto laboratory our artisans work only noble metals: brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold.

In fact, these metals do not require particular maintenance, they does not tarnish and can be cleaned with a normal cloth.

Steel is used, for technical reasons, exclusively for the inner part of the thermal products and for the blades of the knives.

The use of sterling silver was limited only to some products and to customized projects.


One of the most distinctive features of Zanetto products is the importance given to surface finishes as a decorative technique.

Polish, satin, velvety, wavy...

the lexicon of a metal surface is extremely rich and communicative, it acts on the senses and on the emotion of the beholder.

The signs that characterize a texture can be obtained from different techniques. Whatever the technique used, for the success of a finishing effect, the execution must be carried out artfully.

Zanetto is able to bring together ancient metalworking techniques with modern designs and with a particular sensitivity for the quality of the metal.

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We thank you for the passion you share with us towards the world of craftsmanship.


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