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I metalli preziosi e le finiture che utilizziamo nel laboratorio Zanetto


An alloy made of copper and zinc, it has a yellow colour. Brass has a wide range of applications since it is very ductile and malleable, but also has good corrosion resistance.

Compared to copper, it is harder, more resilient and has a higher fusibility.

It has outstanding acoustic properties and is therefore used in the production of various musical instruments.

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In all probability, this is the metal that humans have been using for the longest time – copper objects dating from 8,700 BC have been discovered.

Pinkish or reddish in colour, copper has very high thermal and electric conductivities, surpassed only by silver. It is highly resistant to corrosion and is not magnetic. Easy to work, it is extremely ductile and malleable.


An alloy of copper, zinc and nickel, it has a white colour. White bronze has good mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance.

The presence of nickel improves these characteristics and gives the alloy an appearance very similar to silver. We use it to create unique chromatic effects, particularly through oxidation and burnishing.



This moon-like, precious metal is perhaps the most fascinating and represents our history. The whitest in colour and the greatest reflector of visible light, silver is also the best heat and electricity conductor of all the metals.

At Zanetto we use 925/1000 silver, the highest fineness, which best suits the exceptional quality standards desired and the requirements of our sophisticated production methods.


An iron alloy with a white colour, stainless steel has remarkable corrosion resistance due to the presence of elements in the alloy, primarily chromium, which make it less reactive and provide protection from corrosion. Zanetto uses it only for very specific purposes, like the interior of the thermal trolley or in production of dinner plates that are treated with titanium (PVD).

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The final appearance of our noble metals expresses the variety and eclecticism of our skills.

From polished silver’s clean, mirror-like surface, to the appeal of its lunar whiteness.

From the fiery colour of copper, to the warmth of bronze and the exquisiteness of gold and rhodium.

And all the possibilities ranging from polished to satin, or the many tones of burnished finishes…


Silver plating is done over a brass or copper base. The plating is produced by means of electroplating. Pure silver is deposited on the surface, lending the object all of the precious metal’s virtues – allure, elegance, brilliance and splendour.

Coppa-centrotavola-Tamada in Silver Plated
Piatto Pantelleria


The plating is created by means of electroplating. The gold deposited on the surface is almost pure, lending the object all of the precious metal’s virtues – magnificence, nobleness and incorruptibility.


Rhodium is a metal that belongs to the same group as platinum. It is among the most valuable metals in the world, due to both the difficulties of extracting it and its extremely limited availability. It is distinguished by its elevated hardness and excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation.Rhodium plating gives objects exceptional brilliance with extraordinary reflective properties, improving the aesthetic impact while providing a durable coating that is resistant to corrosion and wear.

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This special electroplating treatment uses an exclusive formulation. The metal offers exceptional brilliance and a colour very similar to silver, but does not oxidize and has greater scratch resistance.



A resin is applied with special techniques to form a very adherent and resistant transparent film that provides exceptional, durable protection. Excellent for any decorative object, since it prevents any oxidation and solves cleaning problems.

Not suitable for objects that come into direct contact with food.



vassoio patch zanetto

PVD – physical vapour deposition – (titanium treatment)

PVD is an innovative physical process done under vacuum that offers superior characteristics, making it particularly suitable for all high-quality products requiring elevated chemical-physical performance. The treatment produces a surface that has exceptional surface hardness and elevated scratch and abrasion resistance, does not oxidize, is unaltered by UV rays, is resistant to acidic and basic solvents and home cleaning products, is resistant to sweating, is hypoallergenic, has a negligible environmental impact and is resistant to corrosion.


A production method performed entirely by hand, it induces oxidation of the metal through the application of various substances and heat to create unique decorative and colour effects. The object is then covered with a coat of beeswax, which provides lasting protection from alterations.

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