We should think of the gift as an act to be performed beyond anniversaries and social rituals….
Because giving gifts is something much deeper and more personal. It is communication, the desire to be appreciated and remembered. This is true for those who give gifts and above all for those who receive them.

The imminent holidays, and not only, always offer the opportunity to revisit our way of thinking “in another way” and how to put others at the centre of our world consisting of affections, appreciation and values.

We must never be driven by haste and duty. Ever.
Giving must first of all involve “making time”, cultivating the pleasure of looking for something special and unique. It means taking care of our soul and it is an exercise of sensitivity that drives us to perceive from the glances, the words and the expressions of others the silent desire for beauty.
What to give then? The context of the gift is important and whether it is intended to embellish a house, a table or a person.
There are those who love Art and those who love objects that give personality and style to conviviality and good living.
The inevitable choice is towards productions that are characterised by mastery, executive quality, preciousness of materials and creative uniqueness. In a word… Zanetto.

An object by Zanetto, that is a centerpiece, a vase, some beautiful cutlery or a sculpture, is the synthesis of that concept of giving that combines in golden harmony sensitivity and beauty beyond time and fashions. It is the synthesis of that value which we hope will be welcomed with amazement and emotion.
And so it is. Because whoever receives beauty is able to recognise it. Always.

And even more joy is perceived when the gift is a jewel … Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or an opportunity to reiterate the value of the Union of two souls. Or simply the intention to emphasise “you are my most precious jewel”.
The attention to the form, the details and the preciousness of the materials are found in the gold creations of Zanetto, a world of show-stopping elegance and wonder. When worn, they dress the body and, above all, especially the heart of a woman.

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