ALOHA Saucepan

Solid copper saucepan, with pure tin-coated interior and stainless steel handles. Finely hammered by hand.

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Diameter (cm)

Ø 16 cm, Ø 23 cm


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European Union: 10 €

Asia, Africa, America, Oceania: 20 €

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'Aloha' pans are a tribute to cooking food. Made with one of the best existing thermal conductors, copper, they guarantee excellent performance and absolute resistance and durability. Copper is ideal for the kitchen because it guarantees maximum hygiene and homogeneous cooking, giving the possibility to finely adjust the intensity of the heat, with the least expenditure of energy, and to maintain the nutritional principles of the food unaltered. The inside of the Aloha pots is covered with pure tin, applied by hand by our specialized craftsmen, as in the best tradition. Properly tinned copper guarantees hygiene and high bacteriostatic capacity.

The design of the 'Aloha' pots is made contemporary and elegant thanks to the spiral handles, made of stainless steel tape, and the "needles" texture, obtained by manual hammering. A mix of materials and shapes to embellish the pleasure of dedicating yourself to cooking, a wish also inherent in the name Aloha, which is not simply the Hawaiian greeting but also means: "the joy of sharing vital energy in the present".

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Shipping Fees

European Union: 10 €

Asia, Africa, America, Oceania: 20 €

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