DRI Flute

Elegant flute in rhodium plated and gilded inside.

Texture: AGHI VERTICALE – Polished

Shipped in 2 - 5 days


Complimentary Gift Wrapping

h 21 ø 6 cm


Shipping Fees

European Union: 10 €

Asia, Africa, America, Oceania: 20 €

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Collection LUCE, a complete table place, with broad range of accessoires, which show the titanium coating, made by using the PVD technology, a process which allow to use metal plates, glasses and cutlery exactly like the traditional settings, directly laying the food or pouring the wine.

PVD in fact is particularly indicated for all that products that requires high chemical-physical performances (wear and abrasion resistance, exceptional superficial hardness, corrosion resistance) consenting at the same time a broad chromatic variety.

The technical advantages which guarantee a safe contact plate/food, an environmentallly friendly impact and high resistance to abrasion, go with sensorial and decorative values for a totalizing experience. Together with the elegance of the brilliance and the lights of noble metals, these objects brings the preciousness of our textures carried out through hand hammering, making them true unique pieces. The act of eating turn into an emotional journey, unforgettable and enriching. Not to ignore, finally, the practicality: all the items of the collection go into the dish wash machine.

To tradition and artisanal skills in workmanship of materials which characterize the brand Zanetto, we have wanted to flank the technological innovation to be always competitive in a market so various and rich as hospitality. The project can be surely taylored on customer request, with special textures and logos

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You can return the purchased product to our shop within 10 days of receipt.

Delivery times:

Our craftsmanship products are delivered in 2 - 5 days all over the world.

You need a gift within a certain date? Write it in the order notes and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Shipping Fees

European Union: 10 €

Asia, Africa, America, Oceania: 20 €

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