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Sizes: ø 27 h 14 cm
Finishing: Scratchy, Matt
Material: Black Titanium Plated, Satin Brass, Satin Copper

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A simple ring and unconventional sails made tenses by the material: precious metal. And then the reference to an ancient game. A breath of wind creates a dance of tiles which falling down bring magic and amazement. A mathematical harmony, accidental and magnificent.
And in addition to this, the memory of the architectures and their intrepid and majestic structure, but also the contemporary and imaginative shrewdness of Santiago Calatrava and of the great and unforgettable Oscar Niemeyer.
This is what comes to the mind when observing DOMINO.
The references to the nature through the architectural elements are mixed in such a dynamic way that they make the design vibrant for contrast.
The singularity of this piece is that it makes movable something that is static for necessity.
This wonderful mutability originates from material fragments looking for a new identity that don’t deserve to end as ‘production waste’. It is the process of an acute and courageous sensitivity which has been able to glimpse an active value in the copious ‘scraps’ resulting from the production process.
These ‘scraps’, these ‘sails,’ are shaped elegantly. The corners are rounded, the surfaces are polished on several occasions and the finishing are improved from the black of titanium, to the bronze and to the red of the precious copper. This game of colors plays with the light that makes the surface move defining an object which – alone – donate to the environment a distilled of perfection.
A design that tells a story about culture and about heritage in a timeless artisanal dimension.
Zanetto is deeply linked to this aspiration because it expresses the stratification of the knowledge and the capability to renew itself keeping intact the threads of memory. The beauty of savoir-faire and the pureness in leaving a sign are exactly the elements that allow the creation of objects able at the same time to interpret the contemporaneity and to exceed it. This is the evocative power of the image.

Additional information

Sizes: ø 27 h 14 cm
Finishing: Scratchy, Matt
Material: Black Titanium Plated, Satin Brass, Satin Copper


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