FUKUI - collezione I CUCITI

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Today technology is able to program the life cycle of a product, determines its duration and its end. It inserts a chip and, after that period, the product dies. You can’t repair it, you throw it away and it induces you to buy a new product.
The idea of repairing has become anomalous, extra-ordinary and as such, transgressive.
Even if it represents the right choice, an act of love and respect for our planet. An urgent choice is today indispensable.
Putting on a patch, resewing and repairing are wonderful terms.
A repaired object contains many past experiences; it is rich because it bears the signs of experience and those signs make it a unique piece. An ancient idea and a precious art, rich in mystic beauty that in Japan has a name: Kintsugi.
This idea fascinates me and it is the thought I aim to communicate through these new objects.
Creating a cut, looking for a patch that fits but with a different material and a different texture, then sewing it as if it were a fabric, creates a mental short-circuit, it is something original and amazing.
The repair becomes decoration but it is evidence of experience, a storage of creative gestures, skills and abilities of a craftsman, clear manifestation of his UNIQUENESS.
Precious and fascinating uniqueness that we pass to the user so that they can add their experiential traces, making it their own property.
The sewings form part of the masterpieces of Zanetto and are therefore numbered works

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