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I CUCITI (THE SEWING) is a counter-current response. Everything starts from the idea of fixing or repairing. A patch, a seam, mending, all become indelible signs of the history and life of an object and confer beauty and value to it. Those signs are language and communication.

In Japan there is an ancient art called Kintsugi. It is the art of repairing objects using precious materials such as gold and lacquer, all. According to a ritual which is itself a path of research and interpretation of beauty.

Just one photo shoot and the face of an elderly person with wrinkles narrates life without the need for words. A dense storyline of experiences and memories that we can only ever imagine. But it is enough to feel a sense of deep deference with regards to beauty, which is not unique: it belongs to all ages, latitudes and places. And, above all, it is a unique and unrepeatable beauty. Like a fingerprint.


Something similar can be found in everyday objects. Those objects that accompany us and to which we ascribe meanings and symbols that are essential to preserve the memory of our origins and affections. These give us identities, relate us to reality and provide us with the tools to communicate who we are. The signs of wear, the colour that fades, the crack that crosses the surface transform a ‘trivial’ object – a cup, a plate, a glass, a vase into something different.


All this, in the era of the primacy of technology seems to dissolve and lose meaning. The products are conceived, designed, manufactured and programmed to ‘die’ at a fixed time. They do not even leave the remote possibility of being repaired and recovered to new life. In essence they go directly to the landfill. Feeding the senseless rush to the new and unconscious consumption. With consequences for our planet too.


It is on this reflection that our last project adventure has developed. And also our challenge to a way of living and thinking that forcibly clears the ‘past’ to make way for the new without memory.


Therefore, using a different material, a contrasting texture imagining a seam that reconstructs the surface of an object almost as if it were a fabric, creates a mental short-circuit, something that is unprecedented and surprising. Repairing becomes a decoration and underlines an experience of creative gestures that draw from skills enshrined in the daily practice of days, months, years and decades. An experience that will never be equal to another and that will impart its indelible imprint of uniqueness.


That is why an object of the I CUCITI (THE SEWING) collection is a tribute to memory. And a transfer for those who, in today’s contemporary times, look for landmarks capable of giving value to the beauty of time that flows. Leaving the marks of its passage.

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