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The jewel… is the detail that completes and enhances the feminine outfit. Forever. Even with its “timeless” quality, defying fashion that is based on the pleasure of change and transformation, it represents the final and distinctive point of the identity of anyone who wears it.

It must be the protagonist of its own time, through exploration that brings together ancient wisdom and a desire for innovation.

And of course, in addition to shoes, bags and accessories, the jewel is also the object that dominates on the catwalks of haute couture, proposing itself in shapes, colours and “magical” creations.

For the next season space is given to large jewels: striking earrings, necklaces rich in detail, not to mention the oversized rings and bracelets.

Undoubtedly proposals that require a strong and confident personality to wear them in style.

Zanetto also believes that identity is made up of many small details that draw the attention.

An earring sparkles and lights up a face.

A bracelet emphasises the beauty of the hands. A ring is a musical note that recalls the harmony of actions, in the daily routine of doing.

Choosing a jewel by Zanetto means choosing pieces of art where wisdom, craftsmanship and executive originality are concentrated in very precious objects, with balanced luxury.


The Zanetto jewellery Collection is the result of very attentive research that draws on the artistic culture of the past, made up of knowledge, secrets and techniques acquired in the ‘workshop’. The sensitivity of the hands in shaping ideas and matter are direct evidence of this. You can breathe in the laboratories of the Zanetto master craftsmen. They boast the unmistakable originality of the objects brought to life.

With one additional element: the ability to evolve, refine and innovate.


Everything moves around metals, around the intrinsic peculiarities of colour, mouldability, workability. Therefore, the ideas to be worn originate from these ‘design’ elements.

The warmth of copper, bronze, platinum, rhodium and gold is enhanced by the workings that include the polishing and the satin-plating, the burnishing in different shades of intensity and the manual hammering.

Without forgetting the special enamelling and plating that enhance the material and retain its beauty.


The Zanetto 2018-2019 Jewellery Collection confirms the aesthetic minimalism of its research by entrusting to the particularity and preciousness of the materials, but above all to their texture and workmanship, the task of being successful with the sophisticated and undeniable originality.

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