The Art of the satin metal

Velvet Collection by Zanetto


Unique is the use of the satin metal with the texture velvet on table items. The surface reflects a moon-white colour, while the texture lends a mysterious substantiality to the satin metal and makes it pleasing to the touch. The shapes are extremely simple and clean, with contours that “distort” the basic forms, confounding the perception while creating spaces that suggest a handle.

This minimalism is not a purely stylistic choice – playing around the symbolism of the circle that turn and transcend into elliptical, but rather reflects the design objective: to create extremely practical objects that are easy to handle and use and that meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles. Practicality is enhanced by the textured surface which – in addition to being aesthetically appealing and precious being obtained through skilful and patient hammering by hand - makes the objects in satin metal impossible to scratch.

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