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Special Christmas bauble - Handmade with love by Zanetto

Are you thinking about how to decorate your Christmas tree? The most important aspect that will surely make the difference is the choice of Christmas baubles: special and unique.

I know, this year too you will surely be looking for that special, new, unusual Christmas bauble that will surprise your guests during the Christmas holidays.

Every year the search for the new Christmas bauble is a business. They come in all types: in plastic, in fabric or in any other material and fantasy you could wish for.

Decorating your own Christmas tree is an activity loved by everyone, child and adults. The Christmas decoration infuses joy, love and creates a unique family atmosphere.

Whenever you decorate your Christmas tree, you can put lots of accessories like lights, bows and ribbons.

But the protagonists are always, of course, our special Christmas baubles. Yes, it's true, lots of special Christmas baubles come out every year, but how hard is it to decorate the tree by inserting eclectic baubles with more imaginative colors?

Precisely for this reason this year we have decided to create, by hand, some special Christmas baubles with an elegant and refined line, which match your tree well with any fantasy.

The Christmas tree will be very chic thanks to the use of special Christmas baubles in silver, brass or copper. Zanetto's metal baubles are real gems that will embellish your Christmas tree, without making it difficult to combine with other colors or patterns.

Precisely for this reason they are also an excellent gift idea!

Zanetto special Christmas baubles, thanks to their particular manual processing, will make your tree special and chic.

Furthermore, unlike the other Christmas baubles in plastic or fabric that you will find on the market, they represent timeless objects.

In fact, the quality of our metals, and the properties of metals in general, make these objects indestructible and therefore can be handed down to future generations and remain an indelible memory of Christmas.

Zanetto special Christmas baubles can be in matt or shiny brass, in matt or shiny copper and in matt or shiny silver.

The different patterns are obtained through the special craftsmanship that only Zanetto guarantees and is able to perform.

Are you still thinking about it? Support Italian craftsmanship, choose quality and elegance.

Select your favorite Christmas bauble and get it now.

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