Each work is the result of long study and continuous research regarding decorative surface finishes, technical innovation and the aesthetic value of the shapes.

The design of each creation is the result of the creative inspiration of Bernardo and Enrico Zanetto.

More specifically, since 2000, each creation has featured the style of Enrico Zanetto, who is responsible for the most revolutionary and modern experiments with the concept of silver.


I remember that almost every evening, at dinner, my father placed the prototype that he was working on at the centre of the table so that he could calmly examine its lines and volumes, looking for defects and ways to improve its overall harmony and balance.

As a child, I looked at those objects, those fledgling creations, as though they were alive. I listened to their language speak of pride or gentleness, and perceived their spirit.

Since then, I always wanted to create such objects. And give them a spirit, so that they could express their own personality and language, speaking to the intimate essence, the spirit, of people.

I learned that, for an object to have a spirit, it cannot be subjected to the slavery of serial production, to the alienation of repetition and the calamity of tedium, rather it must be a single and unique example, an expression of individuality.

This result can only be achieved through production by hand, where its “defects” and “mistakes” make each object original rather than a copy, stimulating the creativity of the worker, freeing the object from pure functionality and exalting an expressiveness that awakens emotional responses, including by stimulating the senses with light, colour variations and the tactile properties of the surface.

Instilled with this life, the original becomes a messenger, continually attesting to the love of which people are capable and the divine magnificence of creating. This is what our original works express, this is the awareness that they seek to give to their enjoyer.

I continue to work, striving for this alchemy…

Enrico Zanetto


1969 Sanremo

“Sole d’oro” L’Oscar dell’Artigianato
Citazione d’onore per l’estro creativo e la perfezione raggiunta nella lavorazione del rame

1971 Monza

Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato
Medaglia d’argento in riconoscimento dell’attività spesa nella ricerca e realizzazione di forme nuove nel campo dell’artigianato artistico

1971 Padova

Mostra Artigianato Veneto
Premio speciale Camera Commercio Pd per “l’alto livello artistico dei prodotti esposti”

1973 Milano

Diploma di collaborazione

1973 Firenze

Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato
Medaglia d’oro

1974 S.Giorgio di Livenza

Mostra nazionale “Arte e Lavoro”
conferita Targa San Giorgio per meriti artistici

1974 Cesena

XXXI Settimana Cesenate Artigianato Artistico
Medaglia d’argento

1979 Padova

Mostra Artigianato Veneto
Targa Ente fiere di Padova

1984 Padova

Mostra Artigianato Veneto
Coppa offerta dall’Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro

1988 Padova

Mostra Artigianato Veneto
Targa della Regione Veneto

1995 Francoforte

premiata collezione Galleria

1999 Francoforte

premiata collezione Africa

1999 Italia

Premio ARGO’ per l’argenteria
alla collezione Africa: “una collezione poetica e coinvolgente, emozionante”

1999 Italia

Premio speciale ARGO’
per l’argenteria assegnato dai negozi consigliati da “Argento” – alla collezione Africa

2014 Italia

Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Asolo

2015 Milano

Premio Arte Mondadori Diploma d’onore all’opera “Al Nocciolo” di Zanetto Enrico

1983 Firenze

1987 Venezia

1988 Todi

1992 Johannesburg

1992 New York

1993 Padova

1999 New York

Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato

Venice Mart – Mostra dell’Artigianato Artistico

Mostra nazionale dell’Artigianato

Italian Craftsmanship on stage

The Italian Art of Living

Ori e Argenti di Padova

Italian Handicrafts – Italian Pavillon