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In addition to our online shop, our products are distributed around the world in the areas indicated in the “Shops” section of the website. Our products are sold in the finest shops specializing in silver, porcelain and accessories for the table and home. For more information, please contact

All of our products are originals. Since Zanetto was founded, the company has created all of its designs in-house, developing a versatile yet unmistakable style. The designs were initially conceived by Bernardo Zanetto, but now the creative aspects are handled by his son Enrico Zanetto. To learn more, please read the “Design” page on our website

All of our products are 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to our artisans, production takes place in our workshop following the methods that are described in detail on the “Production” page of our website, which we invite you to read.


Silver is a material that has been used since antiquity for tableware and other items that come into contact with food, due to its notable antibacterial and antibiotic properties. In the past, it was used daily to reduce the risk of contracting disease. In fact, the reason behind the common tradition of feeding babies with a silver spoon is to protect them from infections.

Silver’s antimicrobial properties are well known and applied in a wide range of areas. One example is adding silver powder to toothbrush bristles to enhance their sanitariness.
In addition, this noble metal has significant healing properties, explaining the custom of mothers using silver nursing cups after breastfeeding.
So, using silver for tableware is not only possible, it is actually recommended. In addition, silver objects that are used daily maintain their lustre without any special maintenance – just mild detergent and a soft cloth will keep them looking perfect, day after day.

We guarantee our products against manufacturing defects for life. We guarantee the silver plate for ten years under normal domestic use and taking ordinary precautions.


With more than 30 years of experience shipping products around the world, we have perfected a packaging system that ensures objects are fully protected during shipping. The items are put in their rigid boxes (see relevant FAQ), completely surrounded with packaging materials to prevent the box from moving and protect it from potential blows, and placed in shipping cartons.


All of our products, along with their guarantee slip, are placed inside non-woven fabric bags that protect them from surface scratches. They are then wrapped in a transparent plastic bag that protects them from oxidation and, finally, placed inside a glossy rigid cardboard box embellished with our logo. Our extremely elegant boxes enhance the precious items they contain. They are therefore ideal for giving as a gift and presenting the object at its best.

For detailed information on packing for shipping, please read the relevant FAQ.

Our silver-plate products are made using thick brass (copper and zinc alloy) as a base metal. Under no circumstances are low-quality metals (such as sheet iron) or cheap alloys (like zamac) used. For each type of product, a special sheet having suitable physical-chemical characteristics is used. A thick layer of silver is deposited by means of electroplating.


A captivating material due to its brilliance and characteristics, silver generously rewards the small amount of effort that is required to ensure it stays bright and luminous.

It is easier to clean and maintain than most people realize – the more it is used, the better it maintains its splendour. In fact, daily use slows oxidation, the characteristic tarnish caused by reaction of the metal’s surface with sulphur derivatives in the atmosphere.

Silver and silver-plated objects for the table that are not combined with other materials (like wood or enamel) or treated with special finishes can be washed in the dishwasher with mild detergent without problems. To enhance the silver’s brilliance, just dry the objects well with a soft cloth after washing.

For all other silver and silver-plate objects, we recommend regular dusting and periodic cleaning with specific cleaning products, like our Silver Spray. This cleaning product is quick and easy to use and is available for sale in our online shop.

Finally, remember that some of the finishes that we offer on our products do not require maintenance and should not be cleaned with silver cleaning products. Objects that have a VARNISHED finish are protected with a transparent lacquer that prevents oxidation and products with the ALLOY PLUS finish have an inoxidizable finish and increased scratch resistance. Objects treated with these special finishes always come with information sheets that provide specific instructions.

All of our products are stamped with the Zanetto mark as a guarantee of authenticity. A few items called ‘masterpieces’, which are particularly unique in terms of design and workmanship, are stamped with a number in a series and known as ‘numbered works’, thereby emphasizing their intrinsic uniqueness.

In addition to the above, sterling silver items bear the number ‘925’, which guarantees that it is sterling silver, as well as the legal stamp ‘101 PD’, which identifies Zanetto as the manufacturer and means we assume full responsibility with respect to current laws regarding authenticity.


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After the purchase process has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing all of the details of the order, including the items purchased, the invoice address, the shipping address, the payment method and contact information. In the event that you do not receive this message or delete it by mistake, you can see your purchase history by logging in and going to your account page.


Orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of payment. The delivery time varies depending on the delivery region. For Italy, the estimated delivery time is 4 to 6 business days, while for other European Union countries it ranges from 5 to 10 business days. Non-EU and international countries require 6 to 20 working days. You can contact us at any time to obtain information on the status of your order.

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