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Shipping Free above 150 €


Hand Production

At Zanetto, hand production is viewed as an absolute guarantee of quality and original workmanship.

Traditional techniques and ancient secrets are thereby maintained and reinvented to create contemporary objects that strive for simplicity and balance.

Owning a Zanetto product therefore means enjoying a high-quality product.

Thanks to our highly specialized and skilled master artisans, and continuous quality controls, we are able to produce objects made with the finest materials having uniform shapes, well-finished edges, perfect soldering without any residues, precise hammering and chiselling, completely smooth surfaces, and uniform, thick silver plating.

The value of an object’s design also contributes to its quality – each of our creations is the result of long study and continuous research regarding decorative surface finishes, technical innovation and the aesthetic value of the shapes.

Production entirely by hand and an original style make every Zanetto product a precious and unique creation.


Imperfections distinguish hand-made products from machine-made products.

Imperfections can be viewed as synonymous with hand-made items, craftsmanship, natural materials, diversity and therefore superior quality.

Imperfections add value to our creations, with marks from tools, traces of solder and irregularities in the surface texture.

This is evident in hand-crafted work, so much so that artisanal products proudly display the marks that distinguish one piece from another, as though they were works of art.

The most elegant craftsmanship highlights the defects of natural raw materials, which are the characteristic features of a level of quality that cannot be reproduced on a large scale.

Imperfection as a standard of beauty.

A beauty that, by definition, is removed from the stale models of mechanical reproduction, standardization, and the criteria that satisfy the bland taste of the masses.

A new sensitivity to the beauty of truth.

A life philosophy that grants a new sensitivity. The ability to appreciate the sparkle in eyes that stand out against a web of wrinkles and the imperfect shapes of bodies that have a unique story. It is futile to search for reasons, our senses are lost in a wasteland of machine-made perfection and cry out for real surfaces to touch, images rich with marks to view, gruff sounds full of emotion to hear, foods with new flavours that taste of the earth where they were grown. The often imperceptible signs of imperfection make our day-to-day experience completely personal. Imperfection is beauty!


Each Zanetto piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation with its own personality.

We strive to free objects from the slavery of serial production, which is an alienation, and seek an expressiveness that transcends function and arouses emotional responses.

Hand-made production is an expression of individuality that rejects the obsession with perfection and absolute beauty as a dogmatic, monolithic and totalitarian tyranny.

Imperfection thus becomes an asserted value that makes each object a unique, one-of-a-kind piece – not a copy but rather an “original”.

The “political” function of an artisanal product lies in opposing the daze of a production based on the alienation of repetition and the calamity of tedium, and arousing the user’s creativity while also freeing the object form its usual functionality to highlight its emotional impact.

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