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One of the most distinctive features of Zanetto products is the importance given to surface finishes as a decorative technique, restoring perhaps one of the most beautiful expressive properties of metal.

Polished, satin, rough, velvety, coarse, wavy or silky – descriptions of silver surfaces are extremely rich and communicative, acting on the senses and emotions, and lending allure and completeness to the production of a work.

The pattern of marks that creates a texture can be obtained through various techniques. Regardless of the method employed, it must be ingeniously executed for the finish to be successful. Zanetto has always made finishes a specialized, elegant feature, demonstrating particular sensitivity to the substantial quality of metal, which is expressed through an ability to aesthetically and coherently distinguish not only the object’s design and shape, but also its surface. 



Depending on the type of technique and materials used in the final production stages, a polished or satin finish can be obtained. A POLISHED finish heightens the metal’s brilliance and reflectivity, particularly with silver. It lets the object interact with the environment, gathering and reflecting light to create an almost “liquid” effect. A SATIN finish highlights the colour of the metal, or the design and shape of the creation. It creates a substantial, tangible presence.


A smooth surface is almost always combined with a polished finish, creating mirror-like surfaces that make it more difficult to notice the flow of the shape and the soft curves of the design. It is a necessary feature for a certain design approach. For metal objects, a smooth surface is almost always associated with modernity, which prizes machine-made objects and rejects hand-made products. Since hammering is often viewed as a relic of the past, mastery of this technique is not at all common today. Brilliant reflectiveness, however, is only one possible finish for metals, which in reality offer a rich and communicative range of options. Zanetto’s innovation involves more than simply reviving the use of hammering. It extends to the creation of new finishes featuring marks and patterns that create truly original surface textures, for which no historical evidence has been found. This radical approach fearlessly highlights the product’s hand-crafted nature, openly opposing the tenets of industrial standardization and proudly demonstrating its artisan roots, while coherently integrating this feature into the object’s composition and design.


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